Monday, January 28, 2008

I can Scoot

Matias received many cool scooting toys for his b-day. He has made the decision to forgo walking and scoot everywhere. Lucky for him his scooter has tunes like " Do you know the muffin man" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

Scoot on little man...scoot on...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Other Mom Blogs of Note

I know that the vast majority of people who read this blog are non parents but these blogs have caught my eye. I never knew that I would like blogs so much! I always thought that they were not for me. Too much writing and too many links to remember ect...But as it turns out I get to glimpse into the everyday lives of strangers. (I enjoy being nosy about people I have not idea who they are!) But more importantly I see that the struggles of being a parent no matter who you are universal.

I found Rookie Moms along time ago. I recently discovered their Pumping Project. So hilarious to read stories from working Mom's. I never really figured it all out but next time I sure I will do better.

Superhero Journal is a jewelery designer mom who's son was born about the same time as Matias. She writes beautiful notes about motherhood and her struggles.

Suburban Bliss makes me laugh.

Two artsy mom's that rock are Mommy Doodles and Artsy Crafty Babe.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Minor Set back

See this list. see all the wonderful things I have to do over my long weekend.
See how mopping up water out of the basement is not one...
OK back to work mopping up water out of the basement that is not on the list. (FYI:Check your hoses on your washers.)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Curve Balls-Changes in direction

We have had a lot of curve balls lately.

One being the weather. After non existence winters for the past five years I have become so wimpy! Today it was like -2 on my care thermometer and I was freezing. Thanks to my mukluks my toes can stay warm but this has recall thrown a hamper in my Resolution to walk more this year.

Our basement is almost done. Luis is installing the floor and I am so happy! He took off the day from work yesterday to get some things done. After we move down there I am little nervous leaving the little guy by himself. My mom suggested coming up with an action plan to keep him in the room in case he escapes from the room...escapes.... Do babies escape from things? Wow they are so smart those little creatures.

We have so much work to do on the house and we are still living on boxes, so I am excited to get some storage solutions. I decided this summer I am going to learn more about woodworking. I would like to build a sidebar for our front room. I am going to work on designs and plans tonight.
I recently read about this mom who makes furniture out her garage. To me that is some real! girl power. My dad will be at our house tonight so he can help me figure out what I want to do.

On a different note...
I am planning on knitting Matias a Valentines Day Sweater. I am going to Michael's tonight to get the pattern. Which will be helpful in establish one other resolution to work on projects out of my craft books.
This is what I am thinking white and a detachable heart.

I will keep you updated but I think he going to get all the ladies...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Yoga Nursing...

So Funny! For nursing moms....

Sorry for the power blogging...I have been boerd this morning.

What I bought this week...

This is what I bought to fuel the American economy this week...

2 apples
5 bananas
1 gallon whole milk
2 oranges
3 yogurts

2 candle votives

10.2 gallons of gas

1 car wash

Stroller pedometer! so cool!

mug at Barnes and noble for Secret Santa

dinner at highland grill

knitting needles and yarn

one latte

Only one latte!!! I am on track with my New' s Year resolution #15 Yeah!

If I only bought one latte this whole week, why am I so poor...Thankfully I have guards and get paid from DW's next week...nice

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why you should have a coke with dinner

So I had a coke with dinner. I also had a great day at work. When Matias and I arrived home (we ate out with buds) I clean the kitchen with vinegar. (What?) Wow I even surprised my self with all of my cleaning. Maybe it is because my mom is coming over the weekend and I want to challenge myself. If she does not have to clean anything while she is here... I might have succeeded :) Mom if you are reading this I know you will clean something...don't worry it is who ou are and we love you for it :) Well I am finally at a computer with our picture so I will post some of those as well...

This is a dashing picture of Matias from his Christmas photo shoot. This is pre-illness. He looks so cute in the rocker. ( Which I have a picture of me in this same chair about the same age!) And was so excited for his time in front of the camera. We learned yesterday at ECFE that Matias is a listener...his learning style that is. Because all he has been doing lately is talking talking talking! It is exciting because I swear! I heard him switch from Spanish to English today. Even if it was just baby talk! It is utterly crazy how fast humans grow learn and change. It is cool that we go from being so dependent to so independent!

This is sadly the only picture I have of Matias on him first birthday. Ok so he is really not drinking the Mt. Dew. But it is so funny that he is pretending to. We were watching Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer and it was also a good day of fun!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

from flickr for hope.

What is the deal?

I am obsessed with reading blogs. I am a bad employee and read them at work. I think for lent I might have to give up my RSS reader. In fact that is just one of the things I might do...

I have been working hard on the Kermes Silent Auction. I received a bunch of stuff from a fellow committee member and that I am grateful for. I am excited for the event. For those of who you don't know Kermes is a fundraising event for the West Side ECFE. We are working on dedicating this year event to a ECFE dad who died about 2 weeks ago know. I did not know him well, but he was a very spirited person and I really wanted Luis to meet him. i think that they would have been great friends. I ask for prayers in their family for healing.

I have also been working hard on laundry, storage solutions. organizing stuff. Bringing things to goodwill. Spending time at Menard's! My childhood loathing of Menard's has returned full force! Also visiting with friends. After a two week hiatus we met up with Andrea D. on Sunday and Greta, Dub and Mindy on Sat. It was great to see everyone and catch up. Although I am realizing that having a one year old in restaurants is not the best idea. There needs to be a place that has good food and place for kids to run around in and be messy and safe....
I think that might be my million dollar idea...

I have also been reading the Pillars of the Earth. I at first devoured it, I was so excited to be reading fiction. Now at page 600 I am getting a little bored, so I am thinking that I might need to slow it down a little. Does anyone know of any good books? Let me know I will be so grateful.

Tonight is our staff holiday party I heard we get presents! Yeah I love presents!

I love random blog posts as well :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New year new mommy

So It has come to the new year. 2008 it has a nice ring to it. i wanted to post 10 of my endless new year's resolutions here. At least the ones that have to do with matias and trying to guide him as he grows up. This morning I asked him to come to me and he literally shook his head no...

Shut down by a 13mo old. My life is sad sad....

1. Go outside and play everyday.
2. Do more creative activities with Matias
3. Visit Relatives more
4. Use time wisely
5. Plan chores and outings for one day a week
6. Spend less money at target :)
7. Get a bike trailer
8. Use less gas

Ok so that is only 8 but not to bad. So far we have failed on 1. but once we feel better and it warms up this weekend we will get on it....