Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Have you seen it on PBS...

so good....

Monday, April 28, 2008

Home Sick

I am home sick today. Luis let me sleep away the morning and this afternoon Matias and I have caught up with our Daytime TV. We do love our Rachel Ray. Beside listening to MPR on the couch and hoping Matias will be ok, I have not felt this lousy in a long time. My throat yesterday hurt so bad I ended up crying, 3 days of burning would get to anyone right? Luis my hero saved me, I knew there was a reason I married a man. Apparently if you juice a lime, mix it with a lot of honey and heat it up in the microwave, you can cure your wife tears.

In truth it really worked!!! My throat felt better right away and I started to cough. Wow. So I gradually getting better. Matias thinks my voice is hilarious and is having fun bring me all sorts of weird things on the couch. What a guy :)

Maitas just brought me a can of pledge...I better go and make sure he is not swallowing any chemicals

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth day! I have been gone for awhile.Starting a new job where I have to look fancy everyday is proving to be a hassle! Not to mention being mommy, nurse, driver, navigator, bridesmaid, fundraiser organizer, bible study participant... Leaving no time for blogging. Or reading blogs. However here I am. How I missed you little blog. AND all of my favorite blogs at that.
So here are pictures from the my very lovely friend and beautiful new member of the OMLC (Old Married Ladies Club) Andrea. We had a great time out in WI and had fun visiting with friends, drinking vodka tonics.

Walking down the alie looking picute perfect!

Matias and I check out the bride....oh my hair looks really cute too!

I hope all are well! Back being the nurse, matias just puked....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pardon my English

Did you know some days I can not remember how spell circle or I never spell together right. I started blogging to write better. I like to write if I have knowledge about a topic, and I can write a seriously mean introduction to an academic paper. That is where my little talent stops. If it was not for spell check I would have NOT made it through college or be able to blog.

I knew that something was different about me when in first grade I could not spell the word circle, and then my teacher covered all the pictures in my reading book. I went to have some test done, and sure enough I had “it” Dyslexia, the big D. You see my Dad has the D too. I have it less pronounced than him. Well, I met with a special teacher and I worked hard to get into advanced English in high school (fought with Mr. Richardson to recommend me). But I still felt stupid; I could write what I wanted to say it just never came out. My first year of college was awful I would ask friends to edit papers and they would say it looked fine, so I would turn it in. C. C. My school’s second language requirement made it worse, I can’t even spell in English how can I do in a different language. In the end I had to learn a few things one was how to accept positive feedback, to use the writing center, other students don’t have time to help you, and that my mom really understood me. With her support we developed a plan to write papers it went like this: write, send to mom, rewrite, go to the writing center, cry to mom, rewrite, send to my mom again, complain to mom, rewrite, and send it to her one more time. Turn the paper in.

Through this process I learned that there are things in life where only a person who truly understands you will be able to help you in the way you need. I never thought of my mom as the smart parent, but I learned though the process that a true sense of who a person is can make them smart in so many other ways. I often thought about what I would have done with out her. I think I would have never made it though. My professors would never understand the disconnect in my brain. In fact one said to me “but you speak so well, and that is all writing is…” I thought, really that is all it is…if it were only so simple. Many times when you come to terms with shortfalls in your life it is because of big events.

But blogging has given me the freedom to write in a way that makes me happy and come to a place safety and security about who I am and my abilities as a writer and not to have my mom proof read it. My blog is my written "home". When I do face criticism about my “writing” which came up in my job review, I think I can accept them and move on. I try my best and but even better I don’t feel stupid anymore when I can’t spell circle.

This post is for the scribbit April write away contest.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools-No Joke

So instead of putting up a sick joke like this. I thought today I would write something that I thought was a joke but is actually not a joke at all…

Did you know that Compact Florescent Light Bulbs (CFL’s) contain mercury? WTFhemier? I was really shocked to read this this post. I had no idea. I thought like so many others that they were just normal lightbulbs, but were great for the environment. I was so shocked and disgusted that I wrote to Jason DeRusha at WCCO 4’s good question….he replied with this informational video about how WCCO had covered the topic. (Seriously read the posts you will need this information! if you use CFL's)

The bottom line here for me is that as a person who underwent some serious health concerns at a young age and found at least 5 others with similar health problems from the Duluth area. You can not even eat fish when you are pregnant because of the mercury that is in our enviorment....

I can not help but think that what is in our environment that is a KNOWN toxin is being used in a casual manor. I am sure many people are just tossing out the suckers like any other thing….that is what I would have done. So please if you can share with someone this Not a Joke on April Fool’s Day. (Follow the hard and fast rule at the Cavanaugh Dinner Table that one random fact a day is a great thing.) Our children will thank us (at least that is my goal and Al Gore’s :))