Friday, December 18, 2009

8 months

Miss Milli has been 8 months for about a whole month now, but she is wild. Today she was sitting in the cart at Target pulling herself up...she fell because she was trying to pull herself on the tv cabinet and got a black eye.
But here that is neither here nor now. she is spunky and cutting two top teeth what more could a mother ask for. (A full night of sleep?)
She also is a very fashionable as of late this outfit is made up of her brother's hand me downs. When she looked at me questionably...I added a bow. She kept that bow on the whole day. What a lady.

In other news. I just received my first grade back from school and my hard class 3.5! Sweet, I will take it.

Stay turned for a handmade Christmas I have been a busy crafter at this house.

Monday, December 14, 2009

See that it is a sock! A sock I knitted all by myself! own horn.

Anyhow I am typing less and knitting more. I got a little scared because Christmas is so close so we have a lot of Christmas cheer to do in this house.
Little list..because I love em'

1. Get frame for Luis's gift
2. Finish Milli and Matias gifts
3. Dad
4. make tamales with the vega's
5. watch elf and drink hot coco
6. Go x-ski
7. go skate at the landmark center
8. watch the fake fire on tv

That is it for now I will post Milli's and Matias gifts that I making for them. They are pretty sweet!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Wobbly Cry

My Matias is 3 years old today! He is a little person who changed my life in a big way...

I have never told his birth story on this here blog (what kind of mom blogger am I) I thought it would be a nice gift to myself to remember that day and get it out in the open, all the gore, sweat, and tears that ended in a baby that had the funniest cry at birth.

The begining:

I came home from Mississippi and there was my handsome fiancee standing with flowers. He was wearing a courdy sport jacket and his hair was 3 times longer than it had been when I left. After seeing boys with fresh from basic training buzz cuts, his look was a refreshing changed and I hugged him and fell right back in love...

39.5 weeks later:

My parents are dropping my husband and I off at the hospital. I have a scheduled induction because, of the blood thinners that I am on during pregnancy. I am so nervous, talking 40 miles a mintue. I look at my mom and feel so scared. In my deepest parts of my brain I am thinking...How am I supposed to do this? I can not be a mom, lets just keep this baby inside. We have a crib, diapers and clothing all waiting at home. We have taken the classes and just want to see how everything goes, to see if I will need the pain meds. Secertly I am hoping I can make it...

We check in and get settled in our room. The nurse offers me some ambien...I take it and pass out.

We wake up the next morning and I am woozy. I note to myself never to take ambien again. The nurse offers me the opportunity to take a shower, I seize it in hopes to become less groggy. She says "once you get back we will get things going" AJKHUIYHBJKGJHGYWGIOJDS!!! I come back from the shower, the anatheolgist comes in and states that they are not going to be able to give me an epidural. This is after the pitocen is started so there is no turning back or no hope of an epidural.

I sit on the rocking chair for most of the morning after they break my water about nine. Luis hangs out with me, staying out of the way. We close the blinds in the room and turn off the lights. Rocking continues contractions start to get worse. I ask the nurse if I can get into the shower, she checks with the Doctor if I can be off the monitor. They check me I am at a 4 at 11:30 am. I head to the shower, my mom comes in and lets Luis go get some lunch, he walks me to the shower and waits. Contractions start getting worse and walk back to the room. I continue rock and breathing. Shift change happens and I get a new nurse Jan and a new Dr Dylanko. (Who was out of the 14 doctors in the group the one I wanted to deliver the baby). I relax a little, but the contractions do not. They hit me wave after wave. Luis is back now, I am on the bed and they are checking me...

Nurse Jan exclaims 6!!!

I exclaim bah!!!

I walk to the shower, Luis is being great. I am not. We get to the shower, the pain is intense. It helps but I am dry heaving and that is gross. I am crying and whining. Luis closes the shower curtain on me. (This is the only time in 12 hours he got mad at me). Jan comes and says I have to get out of the shower. I am only allowed to me off the fetal monitor for 30 minutes. I go back to the room and now everything gets a little blurry. Oprah is on, I knew if I made it Oprah, it would be soon. I get on the bed so Jan can check me. I am still a 6. Encouraging words are said. My mom comes in to ask Luis if he wants dinner, they are heading to Cossetta's. (I am pissed...I have not ate all day and want Cossettas). I am on the bed holding on the bed rail. Just trying to get though it contractions. They are coming in waves, and all I can say is owie...owie...owie....

Luis pulls it together and helps me to breath, I feel like I need to push. They call the Doctor. My mom comes in and brings Luis's food in and I yell....get out!!! In retrospect I am so sorry I yelled... the poor woman was just dropping off some food.

I start pushing when the Dr. Arrives, it is not going well. I try a different approach. First the head. Good, everyone says...keep going...keep going. One more push the Dr. says. I do I push with all my might. At 8:11pm with the most wobbly cry every known to man kind, Matias is out in the world. They pop him up on my chest. Luis looks dazed...he cuts the cord. (I ask him later what it felt like and what the placenta looked like too; He said both we oddly cool).

Afterwards, I felt so happy. I had done it!!!!


Today, I am at work and then have class. I wonder if the rest of my life on this day I will look at the clock and think about these moments as I am today. Recently as co-worker turned 60, his mother volunteers at our organization. I asked her on his birthday, so do you remember what you were doing...she replies "Oh Lord yes. The pain." I laughed for 5 minutes, I think you never forget.

But more importantly you never forget how much you changed. You can't describe it of course. As for me I thought I never wanted children, they never seemed like a possibility for me. I had closed off my heart to idea that I could be a mom. So when I became one, my heart burst right open and it changed me for the better. From my experience, I have been able to open myself up to many more in my life. I think many times in our life, we close ourselves off to what could be. We grow up, we no longer dream big.

Matias, my wish for you is that you dream big and have an open heart to all of the possibilities of what you life can be...but for now I will settle for you peeing in the toilet and not in a diaper. <3>

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hold Tight

Love this song
As heard on Radio Heartland... (<3 Radio Heartland)
Karen Vieno Parus

Coming on Sunday....Milli 8 months.....Matias is 3!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

here's the thing...

So the thing is...I took no pictures of Milli's first thanksgiving...but

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving up in Cloquet. The kids had a blast hanging out with other and cousin, grandparents and great aunt's and uncle's and one uncle...

I was able to accomplish alot of homework for school and done with almost everything except for one paper and a reflection. I will try to get those done as much as I can at work tomorrow.

We have a big week ahead...Matias turns 3 on Friday, Milli is 8 months tomorrow and I have school allllll weekend...

However it will be a good week.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little Town

Look at this cute vintage village...seriously I want....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful Day 2

I am thankful for...

old friends

big appetites

popcorn bowls

leftover wine

smiling faces

excited babies

handmade gifts

inside jokes

bosses on vacation

new words

penguin books



inadvertent hearts

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sitting with my husband and doing homework in the quite

Friends and new babies coming to this world

Supportive people who want to make a difference in the world

A possible 2nd chance for a new beginning!

Seeing family and friends in a few short days!

Blessed to have a great editor in my life ( go B!!! on hard paper)

Seeing smiles of 2 little people

2 teeth making an appearance

Sheppard's Pie and genius dinner ideas

A new shift for the husband

Great church friends!

Midnight movies

Cupcakes and peanut butter bars (and those who don't judge me for eating that)

knowing how to knit

lots of homework- I kid I kid, but the nerd in me thinks it is kinda fun...

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Beautiful girl!
So Cute!
This month flew by, you are as cute as ever and growing, growing and growing. We love you and just the other day you started waving. You love to say bah, bah, bah. Slow down little girl! Your a heartbreaker!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


"Matias I really like you superman costume"
Thank you sister, I like it too. Look at the camera and smile.

Sorry dude, I have to go cheer on my boyfriend Adrien Peterson...

Seriously, sister smile...

See this is how you do it...Happy Halloween.
Superman and a Random Viking Cheerleader

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have been so quite on this here old blog...not much to say I guess. Sure kids are growing and talking in full sentences and saying words like amazing!! The other is crawling like no one business and has seem to found her sleeping skills at night.
She MUST have been really working on that crawling during all the night waking she went though at 5 months. Milli is 7 months tomorrow.....exactly 7 months ago they started the drugs and that girl was on her way out.
Babies are the best, they are fresh and new and passionate about life. Recently with the large amount of stress that my life is going through, I find myself clingy to her infant joy. I find I hold her close and watch with amazed eyes as she does something way before her brother ever did. But in all that I am drawn to this quite desperation I have to define myself as a parent.

In situations lately where I am not defined as a parent makes such a huge difference in the parts of my life where I do identify as one. Milli in all of grace and wisdom has allowed me to do that by crawling sooner and being independent, but still needing me in little ways. She has allowed me to continue pumping, which today I could not believe that I have been back to work for 6 months and still pumping!!! I feel like I should get a gold star or something. It is crazy to think that I have done it!! But that has not been my friends that is all her, my sweet yet crazy lady. (emiliana) <3

Sunday, October 18, 2009


She is way past this now, as in crawling everywhere but it is still fun to put up here

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6 Months

Ms. Milli alive and thriving and smiling, this was a little impromtu shot of my lady hanging out on the couch, using the pillows to brace her sitting up, which she now has master the skill of sitting up and reaching for objects. Until she topples over because she is top heavy. Then low and behold she made it up on her hands and knees and started rocking away!

We still are nursing, Matias was compeltly weaned by this point in his life, he really just ate so much more than Milli does, at her last Dr. visit she weigh about 14 pounds.
Milli~ my interaction with you this month has been limited, due to the start of school and my internship. I have not seen you or cuddle you as much as I wanted too, but you soft skin is always on my mind, like coal for my engine when I am feeling worn out. (cheese factor) The best part of you being 6 months old (is not sleeping though the night, which you are not) is watching you watching the world, taking it in and thinking this is all mine to find out what is new and wonderful! Here is to another month of adventure and more cuddles!


This weekend will mark, my first two days away from my baby2. First two nights, when she is not even sleeping though them...I know that my mom reads this blog (hi mom) and she is the one watching them and it is not about her (it is not about you mom) But the other part of me feels so selfish, so guilty, I just want to wrap each of my kids up in a little time capsule and never let them out. So, tonight I feel sad, I miss them already. School, seems long and longer, but rewarding. The fact that I am doing something for me sounds so trite. But alas, each moment with them counts more than the ones that I am not. Until then, I can be sad.

*Edit to add, (don't want to be a negative nelly anymore)
Every Act of Love
Demands for our attention
tug in all directions-
kids and work, partners
and practicalities, spiritual
practice and the unrelenting
rough and tumble of life.
It's a gift to remember
even for an instant that
the Infinite is in this mix,
and every act of love
is an offering that
circles back to us a
thousandfold in ways
we never could predict

Danna Faulds

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last Night I told Matias all about Emiliana's song, and then he was asking me to play his. (then I thought blogpost:)) But when I was pregnant with both kids, songs shaped their idenity to me. When I hear that song it describes how I felt or the mood that insipred their upbringing and shaping. So without further ado I present

Maitias Song: Gotta have you, The Weepies

Emiliana Song: Me and Armini, Emiliana Torini

Monday, September 28, 2009


Look we know how to study! We are having a lot of fun with iphoto. In actually we are not really having fun, reading about how you can get sued as a social worker ect ect. I have had a couple of accidents with caffeine over the last few days. Tonight I had a med esspresso drink and realized at the end of drinking it, that is was not decaf (cue Homer Simpson "Doh") Then on class on Friday, I had a Starbucks double shot, and realize after I had drank it, it was a + Energy....what?!? I was a chatterbox, good thing I had class and it was ok, and everyone knew about my little over caffeinated+energy problems. So in up coming days I hope to take it a little easy on all things caffinated.

In other news, I am trying a new approach to doing homework here, I am sure it will be one of many but the 2 weeks no school is a little hard to manage, you are not held as accountable, when you only show up every other week. However, here is my plan week 1 read, read, read. Have reading completed by Wed. This is crazy talk, but a good goal to have. Then let the writing commence or and interviews, that will be just dandy! Shannon, my partner for this project said she will think of a doozy problem to present me with in our planned interview! I have a more serious post to finish up that does not involve iphoto. I PROMISE!!

In baby2 news, I think Milli is sprouting her first tooth, I felt the little ridge, which means I will need to get lots of gummy kisses in the next few days. Because there is really nothing better than gummy kisses! Until then, I will be back with Milli's 6 month photos.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

MN Love

Luis and I went to the Prairie Home Companion Street Dance last night, it was such a blast. We went after the kiddos were in bed and sang some songs and danced a little. It was the perfect fall night and twinkle lights. It made me really happy to be there. That is why I love MN.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Moon

After Twilight I was not sure, but this trailer looks amazing, (Did I mention how much I love dramatic opera singing in movie trailers) I was talking with someone about this series and how much I love it, how it can transport me to my other life. So I just officially got excited for New Moon. Plus, I am really excited by Dakota Fanning growing up, what a beauty and amazing talent!
I am sure that this movie will be much more blockbuster than twilight was, I noticed that tickets were already on sale for the midnight show! Maybe I can convince my dad to take me again over Thanksgiving, after last year I am not sure he will go with much if any enthusiasm....

Monday, September 21, 2009

The sound of typing

The sound of typing is going on a lot more than it used to around here. I thought I would jump on my blog and start writing for today. Because why not.

I have started to adjust my rountine around here. I am getting up ealrier than I used to, which is really awsome. It allows me time to get my thoughts and things toghter for the day and I like that. It seems like my head is floating around with 50 billion thoughts and being up in the morning gets me going, has made me wake up and smell the coffee.

We had a great weekend. We took it easy. I enjoyed the kids and I hope they enjoyed me.

Well I am off to a exciting day of receipting! We are off to the library tonight for some easy reads! Then off to bed, and me off to do homework!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


We are having a little fun with I photo this morning and it is keeping Matias Busy!
Also Milli decided that this morning she would do some backwards crawling, and getting up on hands and knees, the child is a manic, we waited 10 months for Maitias to army crawl around! What a change! Have a great Saturday!

*Edit: I Have always wondered where Milli gets her super crazy big eyes, but I see exactly where the below face comes from and it IS a my scary eyed twin (with darker complexion of course ;))

Monday, September 14, 2009

things start to sprial

Hello Monday.

I have been waiting for you all weekend. This past weekend marked the first weekend of classes and it was a little crazy. I was so glad that I was not the only person who walked out of Sat. morning class shitting my pants. But I made it though. Actually, it was exciting because everyone really wanted to be there and to experience the experience. I am excited that it is all about something I want to learn and more importantly, going to my intership. I already really like it there. I practicing really hard listening and observing and not to share to many personal issues. Because where I am at know I can tend to do to much of that.

I really missed the kids last week, it was hard to say goodbye every morning and not be there and know that I would not be home until much later then normal. Matias watched the new PBS kids show dinosaur train with all of his dinosaurs lined up in front of the Tv. Milli tried rice cereal with little success. (a resulting trip to urgent care as a matter of fact) She is fine and enjoyed the ceral, but we are still over to the allergist this week to make sure she is ok.

We also attended a wedding that was very dear to my heart, even though I missed the vows due to school, still Luis took some lovely pictures. Ellen and Eric said I do on Sept the 12th and we are so happy for them and Leo. Also check out the picture, that is her amazing backyard garden!!! How can I even compete :) Well I am off to write a paper all about me and my crazy family.

P.S. I lost 4 pounds on w.w. last week!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Break Up

Yesterday I broke up with Perez.

Perez you ask...yes Perez Hilton.

It was an awesome 2.5 years. Thanks for it all!


Thursday, September 3, 2009


Have 200 pages of reading to do before Sept 11th the first day of classes...(insert mild heart attack)

Not to mention sleeping in our house lately is weird, so weird. Last night Matias had a pretty bad bout with food poisoning. He was barfing between 8:30 and 2am. The glamorous joys of being a mom. So I slept downstairs with Milli in our room and Luis up with Matias. Five hundred loads of laundry later, I think Matias is feeling better. Both kids are taking a long nap right now which I can not complain one bit about!

On the bright side we learned some important tips. Save your baby bathtub from the hospital makes an awesome emergency barf bucket. Matias always is a good kid even, when he is sick. He was uncomfortable yet oddly happy, during the whole ordeal. Most important tip, Lilo and Stitch solves everything for a 2.5 year old who is sick in the night! I was also really proud of how both Luis and I handled the situation. Let's face it this is the part of parenting that makes the flight or fight response come out. Oddly Luis and I always do well in these higher stake situations, the dishes is a whole other story...

Oh and the reading....well hopefully I get my books from amazon soon....
I have a few things to finish up in the house over the weekend, curtains int he dining room 1st and foremost! Cleaning the storage closet which I always seem to be cleaning. Making 1 more trip to goodwill and organizing cupboards. I really want to start next week with a clean house and fresh start. My plan is to use the blog to get me a writing mood in order to write papers so I hope to keep this up as school starts. Until then!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 Months

Milli is Five months, she is changing daily and making me laugh daily as well too. She has started to scream, roll over, grunt in a very scary manor, love her brother and recognized who and where he is. She loves the jumper and getting butterfly kisses. She is still not sleeping though the night but that is ok, because it gives us time to nurse during the night.

Not much else is new, I had orientation @ Augsburg and I start my internship next Tuesday and school on Friday. We are growing a ton as we learn to trust God about more and more things in our life. These next few months will be a huge adjustment. Happy end of summer!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Today I am fighting a cold, but a couple of things that caught my attention

1. You must check out this family
photo website.

My school wish list:Headphones, because you can never look to rad studying...

Also one can never have enough pockets on a sweet bag.

Don't worry books and other things are my list as well. I feel like a little kid again getting all of my stuff ready for school outfits and pens notebooks. Not looking forward to leaving my little ones, but I will manage. It is crazy to thing that when this is all said and done I will have 4.5 and 2 year old little people. Wow!

Take care you crazy people!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Monday, August 17, 2009

How Milli puts herself to sleep

Milli was on the couch while I got Matias ready for bed. I came back to find this scene. Which makes me confused and laugh at the same time. But here is to self soothing!

I picked up the blanket on the first picture! lol. Have a great week, we are hosting Tina and Michele from the country of Germany! Here is to some beer!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

milli 4 months

The big apple

Today is one of the best days, because I got a MAC! Woo hoo, it is a power book so that is pretty rad. I just am transferring a cd to i tunes and I just about pooped my pants shoving the cd way into the disc. I also got a free printer and i pod touch, which I am thinking about not keeping and donating to Dakota woodlands for a silent auction item, really it seems a little unnecessary , but I will more than likely keep it because Matias can watch a movie on it in the car if need be. I think I am just a little afraid of the technology. We shall see.

But because I have a new computer my blogging will be taken to a whole new level, no longer must I run downstairs up load my pictures put them on a memory stick and up load them on the laptop upstairs but I can do the shag bang from one location! I am also excited to load viedos and make one for the kids birthdays so they will have them as they get older to look at.

We have a house warming party today and it looks a little iffy on the weather my kid tribe is napping away the afternoon!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blog Break

I went on a little blog break there. Milli is now 4 months. Matias is still officially 2. I am feeling like there is not much to say lately, that things here are getting into more of a routine. School starts in about 1 month. Work is work. The house is getting more and more organized everyday.

We have been really busy with parties and driving up north. All of our weekends are booked up with parties, and it is kinda funny. Luis and I are doing the best we can with never seeing other and making the most of seeing other.

And it looks like I will be taking another blogging break because that is the biggest snoozefest I have ever wrote. I know our lives are much more exciting than that!

The end

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Milli's Live Long and Prosper toes @ 10 days

I am a nerd! But I make cute babies with my husband. (Would that not be the best bumper sticker evah!)

My field instructor just emailed me and was so excited! I start school in about a month and my insides are about to burst with excitement!!! (there are also bursting from the loans that I just took out as well)

Meanwhile we try to soak in summer just as much and as fast as we can, parties are coming up the next two weekends. Where we will celebrate marriages and babies. Then a little camping is in order and finally just a sit and relax kinda weekend.

Some things I want to do: (If you are on this list watch out for an email coming to your inbox soon)

1. Make some jam
2. Have a dinner party.
3. Camping with the family
4. Christine! I must see you soon!
5. Farmers Market
6. Baby food
7. Laptop (new one)
8. Katy sonterre...
9. Freeze some meals
10. Set up office area!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dear Mils

Don't ever stop sneezing and farting at the same time. It makes me laugh so hard I spit water out.

Please never stop cooing at the baby on the wipe container when I am changing your diaper.


Friday, July 17, 2009

AH Summer?

Summer is MN is one of two things either AWSOME or not. Right now it is not. However here is the thing, when I drove to work this morning the mercury read 57 degrees. The high today a lovely 66 degrees and .............I love it. Now let me say this, I grew up in Duluth where we rarly had a day over 90 and most days we in the lower 70's. This weather is my normal.

Luis on the other hand has had enough. He is curses the weather. He is a hot boy loves it hot, maybe growing up in Mexico will do that to you.

So alas once again we are different, yet the same

This weekend we are staying home and relaxing. We are expaning our side garden and that will occupy most of my time.

Here are some links just for fun:

This post reminds me of when Matias was a baby and we would have to go to the cancer clinic for my hematology appts.

This site is to die for Texts from Last Night.

Did you see Harry Potter? Here are the differences from the book.

Check out Chris's post on the Blogulator about the greatest movie of our generation. I let it slide that he did not inculde free willy in the '93 list. Because serously I can not tell you how many times Jake and I watched that movie! I hate it today, but Luis and I often disscus Free Willy. You know he met him. Keiko (the whale actor that is).

Loving this site

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

With both kiddos napping right now I should be doing my 30 min shred, but alas I am not.
Not too much going on around here. Trying to soak up every last bit of summer before school starts. I am starting to get a little nervous about the work load and internship working and kiddos. I do realize there will be sacrifices in going back to school. This blog might be one of them and google reader another. But in the end it is going to really be worth it!

I am going to be picking up extra hours at Dakota Woodlands on Wed. Eveings, so this will be our last small group with the Benidict's tonight. Which is very bittersweet. Luis will change his schedule so he can be home to put the kids down.

I am thinking about a few things today. How can we squeeze in Harry Potter today/2nite, and tattoos. random random. Our house is turning out really cute. I will have to do a little photo tour when I finally get our craft room set up!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here it is, our afternoon out at the farm. Let me tell you I am so excited for Ellen, Eric and Leo. They are growing tomatoes to sell at the St. Paul Farmers market. Last year Ellen had planted a large garden just for the family. This year it is, to market to market! Anyhow I am really proud of her because really this is her dream and it is amazing to see people tackle their dreams. So with out further ado, here is a little photo tour.

Tractor rides and grass clipping piles and the makings of good friendships between 2 and half year olds!

Squash blooms

"We cute and we know it."

The garden is bigger than this picture, but just for you information there are 8 or 9 rows of tomatoes!

3 Months!

How time flies! We have already reached the 3 month mark for Ms. Milli.


You are such a cool girl you make your mama happy and proud all day. We have pretty good system going you and I. You coo and I fall in love just a little more. We went on a few adventures this month. We went to the zoo and a garden ( I even nursed you while we were weeding, because I am a hippie like that). You are so happy and quiet and sleep like 10 hours a night!!! Holy cow you rock little gal! You fit right in this little pod of people.

Love your,

Monday, June 22, 2009

happy day

i had been trying to teach Matias to say "happy fathers day". All he could get out was happy day. 3 years ago today was my happy day. When I married my true love. Happy Anniversary!!! We celebrated with a round of disc golf n' cafe latte. mmmmm...

Heavy Heart

(Matias 14 months)
When I think about something sad, I look at pictures of my kids to cheer me up. (Look at the kid above!) It gets my happy heart going.
Today I found out that a friend from college died. I found out yesterday that my uncle's neighbor wife is dying of cancer. My mom and I talk about her trip to New Orleans and how much people are still suffering from Hurricane Katrina. Our world sometimes seems hopeless and it gets me down.
As I look into my kids faces I hope to inspire in them that you get one life and you should use it to make the world a better place.
I was chatting with a co-working this morning and remembered planting a tree early in life for my friend Becky's mom who had died of cancer. Wow! I thought that was a long time ago. I am going to go and visit that tree. When I was 12, I had no idea why a tree was being planted, but now a tree seems like to perfect thing to do. I think that we will be planting a tree for my friend Dawn, so I can remember that life starts anew.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Nerd Alert

So I have been wanting to post this random thought all week.

Fact:Twitter is one of the main communication forms for the protesters in Iran.

Fact: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, recall the DA (Dumbledore's Army) has the special coins to communicate with.

Logical Conculsion: Twitter is magic in real life!

I looked at my google reader and I only have 2 subscribers and one is me. Thanks self for reading my lame blog.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You have a camera?

My Favorite shots from the last few weeks! The Vega's - picture taker

Yes, I will sit and hold up my head all on my own and you can not stop me people -Mili's inner dialog

2 month cuteness of the Milster

More please? Ok.

Comparison shot Matias 2 months!
Today, it is still raining here. REALLY?!?!?! Tomorrow has promises of sun and I am so ready for it. Yesterday Abby and I rocked a spin class and I am so sore. But all in all it felt really good to work that hard. The music was good and a good way to judge how hard I was pushing myself. Abby commented that the cheesier the song, the better I knew it. But I can't help that I am drawn to Ashley Simpson's music...Until next time.