Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well not really the plauge persay but now I am sick with the virus that stole Christmas. My parents took Matias yesterday for the weekend. We were so excited to celebrate my birthday, hot date! Well Friday I had aches and a fever. Last night I had a fever and watch Stardust on DVD (such a good movie btw) got up this morning went to urgent care. Dr. says looks like your son did have herpes after all, just some virus and now you got it. Drink lots of fluilds and good will pass.

So now I am thinking to skip my birthday all together why bother. I am only 25 I have lots of birthdays left. Why suffer the dissapointment in being sick. So I am skipping my birthday. The virus can take my will to be healthly ever again, but not my free will to make decsions. Now I just pray that Luis stays healthy because this thing is a bugger! I have to skip my birthday because it will not be it without a birthday kiss from my husband. Who has offically quartined me and matias.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have great plans for the new year! We thought we would honor baby Jesus by making a trip to Urgent Care with our baby Christmas morning...
Now as fun as it sounds, we made the best of it and were back at the house about 2 hours later. Matias had been suffering with a low grade fever, drooling and some discomfort. I thought teething of course. Well that morning I was trying to give him some banana, normally he inhales it. However he kept dropping it and screaming. I looked inside his mouth and saw two blister like things on the tip of his tounge. So I called the nurse line, we took him and and turns out he had a mouth full!!! of really bad cold sores. (Don't worry I won't put up any pictures) Herpes...ewwww....aparently it is a common thing that happens to toddlers and it really painful. Poor bubs!!!

So we took it easy had some burritos and opened gifts. My parents got us ballroom dance lessons!!! I am so excited I have visions of dancing with the stars in my head! But alas I will more than likely trip on Luis foot and break my leg...
Matias got a sled and some wonderful wooden toys. As well as lots of outfits. He will be stylin' in 2008.

Well unpacking our things is calling my name.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cards

Yesterday, my co-worker and I were discussing about Christmas Cards. I said usually we have more this time of year. I had to put up my program from the Macy's display because we only had one lonely Christmas card on our string. Image my surprise when I arrived home and found not one but 5 new Christmas cards.

We have yet to take our picture, I wanted to do something creative. I tried last night and nothing was working. So we will try again tonight. I think that we will do a New's Year card... sadly.

I have been so burned out from Christmas because of work. Literally I should be overwhelmed by the generosity of it all and I am. But the fact I have to sort, sleph and lift after a weekend of moving... makes me a little Scroogeish.

I did bake some fake "turtles" last night to give out to co-workers tomorrow with cards. They turned out really well. Matias even help peel some of the rolos. (Ok he did not really peal them, but he did hold one in his hand).

I have to remember to ask my mom to bring down the Muppet's Christmas Carol and my brother and I can watch it on Christmas together. Sadly watching Gonzo play Charles Dickens is my favorite Christmas movie. I think that Luis has not watched to many Christmas movies so maybe we can rent some different ones and watch them Christmas eve. (In Luis family we stay up until midnight and celebrate until 4 in the morning). Thankfully this has been the best thing about having a baby, because I get to go home and sleep :)

Well this is not really about Christmas cards...but more just a venting session :)

***Look forward to my post about my family's homemade Christmas challange....and our New Year's Eve Card ;)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What you should buy babies for Christmas.

I do not have strong opinions when it comes to most topics. But before I had my baby, I vowed that I would not let me housed be filled with baby crap…While it is inevitably filled with baby crap, there are some preventive steps parents can take to make the most for their child. Children need to explore at this age. That is the “job” of a 6mo.- 18mo. old.

For those of you non-parents out there. This should be your guide to buying Christmas and birthday presents for the children under the age of two in your life.

So you might be in the store and see this AWESOME baby laptop computer. It retails for about 30.00 dollars….

TRUTH: This laptop for a baby is not AWESOME, it is annoying with its lights and sounds…

So take your 25.00 dollars buy the kid a savings bond. Take the extra five dollars and buy a big box with lots of tissue paper for the child to throw everywhere…

We have all seen dolls, toy trucks, cars, sport equipment…that we think would be GREAT for kids.

Do not buy any of these 20 dollar toy….

TRUTH: go to Goodwill, Unique or some other thrift store and buy some clothing for that wonderful baby in your life. OR better yet buy that family some diapers and wipes! THEY will love you! At least I would.

What I care about is that you have thought about my child’s basic needs. Our family’s bottom line. Kids are money pits and it is wonderful to celebrate milestones, but lets be practical and economical with our purchases. Think about the child’s future as well as their parents. Thanks.

If you feel the overwhelming urge to buy a toys for the kids in your life. Blocks, Lego's, fake food, anything to inspire creativity. (Ask their parents they usually have good ideas :) )

P.S. This post was inspired by all the donations coming to my employment at this point in the year.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Matias eating cake like a PRO! Over the past year I have witnessed a few first birthday parties. Most kids just seem to poke at the cake for a few minutes before they understand the idea of what it is... Well it was Matias's turn was yesterday. I put his slice of cake down in front of him and in perfect form he pick the ENTIRE piece and shoved it in his face!!! It was like a professional eating contest for one in that high chair...
We also had a wonderful party with toys and clothing! Thanks to everyone who came. Maitas and I left the party before the end. The whole idea of owning a house but then not living there made for no naps and a very crabby baby! Luis's family stayed and from what I heard had a merry time.
Luis and my Dad made great progress on our bed room and should start sheet rocking this coming weekend. (For those of who are not aware we have an unfinshed basement that will be our bedroom in a few weeks.) Thanks to both of them who put in a long Sat. to make the progress needed for our home.I did my first load of laundry in my OWN washer and dryer! WOW! We have garbage can. Our neighbor brought us milk and cookies! We are so grateful for the chance to own our home! We feel truly blessed! I am sure there will be many more posts on this topic! :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Matias we love you and you make our lives beautiful! Thank you for being such a great kid and forgiving our mistakes. Keep growing and never forget who you are!