Thursday, July 31, 2008


Thursday! Ekk! I have a lot to get done today. Yesterday was not as productive as I had hope due to the fact that I had to stay at the office late. I did get my blogging done and I was excited about that.

Few things that I can not believe that are happening. 1. July is over…what!!! Where did it go? 2. Matias is getting so big! Has said Thank you and Orange this week! All that manners training is working.

I need to get some things accomplished tonight! 1.Get out for Matias for the wedding, I think just a new shirt and he can wear his fancy green pants, maybe some new shoes as well. 2. Finish Sam and Paul’s Wedding present 3. Pack for tomorrow and Sat. and Sun.
4. Haircut? 5. Dinner on the Table! 6. Get Luis’s Bike fixed!

Whew! Ready to get it done!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4 things I learned about Mexico

In an effort to learn more about Luis and where he came from I am attempted to learn a random fact about Mexico per week. I have dropped all of my "research" into casual conversations with Luis and he has awlays seemed very impress!

  • When the Spanish came to "invade" Mexico they came as "friendly foes"
  • In 2006 19.2 million people lived in Mexico city, in comparisson 4.2 million live in all of MN
  • the part of Mexico City Santa Fe is being rebuilt over landfills
  • Ciudad Nezahualc├│yotl (aka Ciudad Neza) where Luis is from is build on a drained lake bed. Lake Texaco.

I would like to thank Wikipedia for all it's help in making me sound smart!

Looking Up

Hi Wed!

So far so good! I got my cavity filled this morning and the tingling is just now wearing off! SO yea for that. I finished one of the 5 books I mention and started another last night. 2nite I have to stay late at work so I plan on getting some blogging done. I have to put up my Mexico facts and my book report for the month all today because can you believe that the end of the month is tomorrow. 2 days until the wedding and good times. Greta and I are riding up to Cloquet, picking up Sara an carrying on to Duluth. Just like old times the chuck club reunites!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lets get the party started!

Hello Monday!

I don’t know why but I am ready to get this week started and kick its butt!

Yesterday we went to children’s museum and had a blast Matias was running around and checking EVERYTHING out. God thing that he gets to be the boss, there! Overall we had a great time and was the highlight of my weekend! (Not that there was much else happening.) This is a 101 things goal ¼ of the way accomplished!

I also made a ROCKING zucchini casserole yesterday, which Maitas and I shared with Ellen and Leo for dinner. I think the first words out of our mouths were WOW! This is awesome! Which made me really happy, because it is one of my favorite dishes! (Leo, matias

Other plans for this week include getting a cavity filled (YUCK) going to Sam and Paul’s Wedding (YEA!) and finishing their wedding present. Which I hope that they will like J

Also I plan on getting a haircut and eyebrows done. (Very much needed) Seeing the Dark Knight with Luis and Mama Mia with Andrea. I also have to pick up 2 books from the library that are on hold and finish the 2 books I have at home. Plus read the book club book! Lots of reading, but at least it is all books I have picked out!

Did I also mention that I want to get to the gym 3 times, before Friday….lets see if that actually happens :)!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Picture this:

Perfect 85 degrees outside

Me: at my desk, with a space heater running on high!

Shout out: to the landscaper that is wearing a tank top and shorts outside my window...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Winning on Ebay makes me Happy!

So I had to share my loot with you guys. I won this vintage strainer on Ebay. I went a little crazy and bought 2 of them, one will end up being a present for someone for Christmas and I can't post that one because they read this blog.
Also see the widget about the red barn company quilt giveaway? You could be my friend and enter and then give it to me when you win :) Seriously,when I saw this post, I have been craving classic Americana! White lights under canopy trees, picnics, white eyelet dresses, suspenders....
So quilts and strainers are giving me inspiration.
Hello! I just aged into my 60's!

Life in Bullets

  • Staying up to 1:30 in the morning to finish the 3 book in the Twilight series is always a poor idea. (Read these books!!!!) Seriously, I will write a post in Aug. about the series when the 4th and (I think final book comes out)
  • Matias wakes up two early and too happy! Dang him for being so cute.
  • Potato chips make an excellent sub. for bread crumbs.
  • Did you know that most nursing programs are considering for the 2010 school year!
  • No one is in the office this morning
  • We are selling our Honda civic tonight! YEA!
  • We are putting up a privacy fence in the near future~with the money from the car
  • I want an iPhone (want is the key word)
  • Blogger just spelled check iphone (see above) as wrong...hmmm

Have a glorious day and watch out for the rain drops!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Sorry for the depressing post this week. I am feeling better now and made an appt. So I no longer have to use the internet for thearpy. Any how, we hook up our desktop back up and I was looking though pictures and found some cute ones. This blog has been lacking in the picture dept lately and I wanted to just share the cuteness that is my son. I think that I have a little baby fever so that might explain my fixation on babies :) These little photos make me so happy!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Today was a lazy day. I did not get much accomplished. But! Matias found out that playing in the sprinkler is fun!

HE will be 19 months old tomorrow and our days are filled with new words and wonder as he explores the world! What I am getting the biggest kick out of is how sweet he is to his teddy bear and stuff monkey. He really take cares of them. So sweet!