Sunday, August 26, 2007


Well it has been close to 20 days and no posting. But I think that I am ready to sit down and write a few things that have been happening in the casa de vega.

First off, I have been working like a mad woman only to come home take care of Matias and collapse in to fitful nights of sleeping. (OK it is not the dramatic) But I did do a week out at the base and guards is so emotionally tiring!

Matias is officially crawling!!!!

It is strange to go from him staying in one place playing with toys to...following him around so he does not get stuck pull down cords ect. So far he has managed to get stuck under the kitchen chairs, under his crib, under our bed. In the corner with all the stuff that he is not supposed to get....AS soon as you set him down he immediately goes to the first object that can kill him. I think that babies have radars like this:

Baby radar....what can kill me in the room, oh I will crawl over there and get it.

Luis has also been working a lot, we have seen other in passing so we are hoping to get some much deserved mommy and daddy time this week and go out dancing! I am looking forward to it.

Last night I went out with Sara and the wedding party to celebrate her last nights of freedom. Little did I know we would be riding in style in a limo :) It was a lot of fun to see everyone and hang out go to Duluth and feel young and free :) But we did go to a very chic martini bar "red star" very not Duluth and very fun! Stacey told me that we would be venturing to Chino Latino very soon for a blackberry mojito! Exciting!

Well this post is too long! But I feel like I have to put so much out into cyber world ttfn

Sunday, August 5, 2007


My friend Ellen says when you have a baby it is the fast forward button on your life. I could not agree more. Matias is now officially 8mo old. From the time that I had him until this moment right now is literally a blink of the eye. I think about when I first had him, how I was nervous and let others take the lead in his care taking, now I have confidence and take charge!

I never thought my life would end up here. Many people who know me know that I never wanted to have kids. Suddenly though that seems like the dumbest thought that I could have ever had. Until you are a parent you will never quite understand the love you have for a child and or one other person. So cliche

My second date with Luis we were talking about love, and he said to me. I think love is the same emotion just expressed in different ways. Parenting in my mind is the most outward expression of love that a person can show. As we move closer to the stages of walking, talking, playing, discipline, it is scary .....but exiting.

Then (1 hour old)

Now (Fake Camera Smile and all :))

Friday, August 3, 2007