Sunday, August 5, 2007


My friend Ellen says when you have a baby it is the fast forward button on your life. I could not agree more. Matias is now officially 8mo old. From the time that I had him until this moment right now is literally a blink of the eye. I think about when I first had him, how I was nervous and let others take the lead in his care taking, now I have confidence and take charge!

I never thought my life would end up here. Many people who know me know that I never wanted to have kids. Suddenly though that seems like the dumbest thought that I could have ever had. Until you are a parent you will never quite understand the love you have for a child and or one other person. So cliche

My second date with Luis we were talking about love, and he said to me. I think love is the same emotion just expressed in different ways. Parenting in my mind is the most outward expression of love that a person can show. As we move closer to the stages of walking, talking, playing, discipline, it is scary .....but exiting.

Then (1 hour old)

Now (Fake Camera Smile and all :))

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