Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well not really the plauge persay but now I am sick with the virus that stole Christmas. My parents took Matias yesterday for the weekend. We were so excited to celebrate my birthday, hot date! Well Friday I had aches and a fever. Last night I had a fever and watch Stardust on DVD (such a good movie btw) got up this morning went to urgent care. Dr. says looks like your son did have herpes after all, just some virus and now you got it. Drink lots of fluilds and good will pass.

So now I am thinking to skip my birthday all together why bother. I am only 25 I have lots of birthdays left. Why suffer the dissapointment in being sick. So I am skipping my birthday. The virus can take my will to be healthly ever again, but not my free will to make decsions. Now I just pray that Luis stays healthy because this thing is a bugger! I have to skip my birthday because it will not be it without a birthday kiss from my husband. Who has offically quartined me and matias.

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Beth said...

poor little birthday mommy!!! Welcome to mother-hood! At least you can stay home...I'll bring over a birthday cake and leave it on the front step for ya. :)