Saturday, August 15, 2009

The big apple

Today is one of the best days, because I got a MAC! Woo hoo, it is a power book so that is pretty rad. I just am transferring a cd to i tunes and I just about pooped my pants shoving the cd way into the disc. I also got a free printer and i pod touch, which I am thinking about not keeping and donating to Dakota woodlands for a silent auction item, really it seems a little unnecessary , but I will more than likely keep it because Matias can watch a movie on it in the car if need be. I think I am just a little afraid of the technology. We shall see.

But because I have a new computer my blogging will be taken to a whole new level, no longer must I run downstairs up load my pictures put them on a memory stick and up load them on the laptop upstairs but I can do the shag bang from one location! I am also excited to load viedos and make one for the kids birthdays so they will have them as they get older to look at.

We have a house warming party today and it looks a little iffy on the weather my kid tribe is napping away the afternoon!

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