Friday, February 5, 2010


  • Menu planning makes life easier
  • Never turn your back on a baby who can scale chairs and tabels
  • Writing theory in theory, not fun in realtity
  • OMG how many papers can profs agsin for 2 weeks!!!
  • I want an ipad and my brother has teased me endlessly about it...
  • Need to do something fun this weekend..but mostly I need to do homework
  • homework
  • homework
I have about 100 hours to go at my intership!

Something excited and totally scary happened today...more on that latter.

Finally-the new blog, I am transtion our blog this weekend. Like I said this one is more exciting and glamours that this ole blog has been. I will let you know the new link, after I get everything transtioned.

<3 Lane

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