Thursday, May 17, 2007


Sitting at work has it advantages. One you can blog. Matias has been battling diaper rash poor guy. So last night Luis and I decided to give him some baby Tylenol to help with his poor butt. After Matias went to bed, we decided that it was pretty funny that our son's butt hurt so bad that he needed pain relief. Then we were worried that we should have not have gave it to him...who knows he seemed to sleep last night which I am thankful for!

Did anyone watch CSI NY last night, I normally am not too big of a fan but we were suckered in. Maybe because we have nooo lives anymore but man it was good! Anyways that is all for now hopefully Matias diaper rash gets better!

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christinesfakeblog said...

I love that you gave him Tylenol. Did he continue crying for about 10 minutes and then suddenly stop and go to sleep? Was there any visible sign of pain relief?