Wednesday, June 6, 2007


When I first starting working at Dakota Woodlands I was so excited to help the homeless. Little did I know what great people I would meet. When I was looking for a job as many of you know I wanted to do more than just bring home the bacon. I applied to many non profits. I think that I am in the right place. These women here are amazing! They are so strong. Being a good mother is hard, I mean it is not hard because you love your child so much but being a mom with stress and trying to give all the love you can to your baby can be really hard. Everyday I see mom's in stressful situations. Situations that make no sense. THEY ARE AMAZING! A little girl a day older than Matias is a resident here. It makes it so easy to talk to others about our work when I can just think about this little baby and my son and the future I want to make for both of them!!!

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