Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Food Week Day 3!

BEHOLD THE BENTO BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what the heck is a bento. I think this gives a great description about what is…via
'O-bento' is what the Japanese call a packed meal, usually lunch. Bento boxes
have internal dividers, and sometimes several stacked layers, so different kinds
of food sit in their own little compartments. (This is nice if, like me, you
don't necessarily like to mix flavors!) The whole thing is usually wrapped
together with chopsticks in a cloth or special bag, and the goal is to make the
whole package as attractive as possible - from considering the color
combinations of the food and presenting and garnishing it as neatly and artfully
as you can, to co-coordinating the box, chopsticks and wrapper, and any other
items like paper napkins, knife and fork or spoon, drink flask or thermos.

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Up above view a super creative bento!

Now way back in the day at CMS (Cloquet Middle School) I ate lunch with a variety of people, however 2 of my loyal readers to this blog ate from a bento everyday for lunch. Now Sam, I must admit your lunches were perfection. You had a plastic container that held your sandwich and carrots neatly. Your sandwich was always cut in half and you always had baby carrots and a cupcake cut in half and flipped over to protect it’s frosting. (I am not sure if Randi had the same thing) Seriously, I loved your lunch for the pure aesthetic of it. Did your Dad pack them?

If I am not mistaken they looked alot like this:

See how cool that is! (I had great lunches packed by my mom and she always wrote really nice notes on napkins!) But my sandwich could have been less smashed...

So I think as a mom who will one day send her son of to school (Did I mention they have all day Kindergarten in the cities :)) I think this might be a valuable way to send lunch with Matias and I think everyone should have an up side down cupcake…

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Anonymous said...

I do believe that may be what my sandwich keeper might have looked like at one point :-)....and if I do remember correctly my dad did pack my lunch. :-) How's Matias???