Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sassy pants easter party!

Hi all we back! It was great to get away from the comptuer and tv! I was happy to have some time with my parents and eat some yummy food. See some friends and go to church and say all of my favorite easter sentances. (HE HAS RISEN INDEED) We have no pictures of this but Matias got some rubber boots when we put them on him, he wore them all morning. When they fell off he wanted me to put them back on... So cute!

Here are some lovely photos from easter at my parents house. As Matias grows his sassy pants personality appears more and more. I am ok with this trait. However, it never allows for us to get a decent picture of him anymore.

I am still working on getting the viedo of him posted, hopefully when both computers are operating again I will be able to do so! Until then enjoy Mr. Sassy Pants


christinesfakeblog said...

Who is this kid? Curly hair??

Anonymous said...

Look at that hair!!!