Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life in Bullets

  • Staying up to 1:30 in the morning to finish the 3 book in the Twilight series is always a poor idea. (Read these books!!!!) Seriously, I will write a post in Aug. about the series when the 4th and (I think final book comes out)
  • Matias wakes up two early and too happy! Dang him for being so cute.
  • Potato chips make an excellent sub. for bread crumbs.
  • Did you know that most nursing programs are considering for the 2010 school year!
  • No one is in the office this morning
  • We are selling our Honda civic tonight! YEA!
  • We are putting up a privacy fence in the near future~with the money from the car
  • I want an iPhone (want is the key word)
  • Blogger just spelled check iphone (see above) as wrong...hmmm

Have a glorious day and watch out for the rain drops!!!

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