Thursday, July 31, 2008


Thursday! Ekk! I have a lot to get done today. Yesterday was not as productive as I had hope due to the fact that I had to stay at the office late. I did get my blogging done and I was excited about that.

Few things that I can not believe that are happening. 1. July is over…what!!! Where did it go? 2. Matias is getting so big! Has said Thank you and Orange this week! All that manners training is working.

I need to get some things accomplished tonight! 1.Get out for Matias for the wedding, I think just a new shirt and he can wear his fancy green pants, maybe some new shoes as well. 2. Finish Sam and Paul’s Wedding present 3. Pack for tomorrow and Sat. and Sun.
4. Haircut? 5. Dinner on the Table! 6. Get Luis’s Bike fixed!

Whew! Ready to get it done!

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