Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Universal please get my messages

Over the past few weeks I have been dealing with some challenges in regards to health care and how to pay for it. I have not been sleeping well, worrying and over all have general anxiety about the whole situation. I have been asking God to just take away the worry...well today I figured out the majority of what I needed to, all thanks to a very sweet phone representative. I was so relived to get the answers I needed and from a person that was not judgemental of the entire situation. So I know that she will never read my blog, but I wanted to put out the gratitude into the universe so that she might get just a little bit of it.

I am excited that I start my online class in a few short days! I am ready to learn again. I am also am working diligently on my school applications and that is fun but it makes me anxious. So but whatever happens will happen and I will be grateful for that choice. Right Universe! :)

In other news, Matias is being a complete toddler today which is a nice way of say his powers are being used for pure evil. Except when he made flirty eyes at a new baby and blew her a kiss....other wise he has eaten 1 ego, 4 pieces of cereal, milk and some juice and is taking nap number 2 for the day. So I don't go insane.

PS Sam L I am glad you are back, I missed you girl!

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Ellen, Eric & Leo said...

I'm glad this situation is smoothing out and also that we made time to hang out this week. I'm all for more of that! Ciao.