Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Comings and Goings

Hi all!

Wow I have been a terrible updater. I missed the most important milestone of this blog because after all it is mostly to keep people updated about Matias and how great being a momma is.

Matias is 2, we kept it very low key, and went to Underwater Adventures at the MOA and then to Bubba Gump for dinner, where Luis and I shared a main entree and appetizer and Matias got his own shrimp boat filled with food. (Oh he got the same amount of food as us too...)

We then had family over on Sun. to the tune that I am still recovering from all the fun :)

Coming up this weekend we are planning a Holiday baking extravaganza! We Decided to make treats for everyone we know and are planning to do the baking this weekend. Tonight after ECFE I plan on making a list and checking it twice to figure out the amount ingredients and cookies we will need to make. I think that it will be really really fun. If everyone has a good attitude about it. :) That includes myself.
We are then going to be busy people over the next few weeks, we have a wedding (Yeh! Christine and Jim!) Parents coming and Christmas, oh and then my birthday(with an accompany DR appt where the receptionist said she would give me a present, a cup to pee in. Sweet!)!!! Woo Hoo!
Did I mention all the gifts I need to finish making and that I need to call the contractor to come and pour our basement oh and finish an acdemic paper for Social Work school at the U( really people) slow down a little plz!

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