Friday, February 27, 2009

Just when we thought it was over

Sometime I think. Why o why do I live here in the frozen tundra of MN. Just when the snow was melting and things were warming up. Old man winter shows up with vengeance. Luis, Matias, and I left to run errands yesterday about 12pm but the time we return about 2pm we had 4 inches of snow! It was insane, Luis headed off to work only to be sent home because they had closed the club due to an accident on the road that leads down to the building. So we watched a movie hung out, played cars, read. I love when you can put your self on "bedrest" at the end of your pregnancy. I feel much better if I take my days off to rest as much as possible. hang out on my island aka the sofa. So not doing anything = good times.

We have no plans for the weekend which is kind of nice. I do need to organize our dine with 9 group for church and get the ball rolling there. We have picked out our menu and look forward to having people over. Luis and I are also setting our first real budget for next month and we are both looking forward to that.

I think some coffee is in order for today so I will have to go make some to wake up, hopefully today will be a good one. (Just cold)

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