Thursday, March 12, 2009

False Alarms and The real thing

It has been an event filled 24 hours around these parts including gas that was mistaken for labor. All is well, baby is fine and still in utero, but not with out a trip to the Birth Center where this "2nd time mom" was pretty embarrassed, but in the end about 1am the pain subsided and I was able to sleep the entire night!

As we made a quick exit from small group, I was barley able to not yak all over our fellow friends!

However, we do have an induction scheduled in the upcoming weeks. (I not telling the day :)) So either way a baby2 is coming and she is coming soon.

In other news, did you know that health insurance for a 2 year old is hard to get in MN. When I lost my job, I have had CORBA coverage and Matias also has. We have been getting help from the county and while not ideal, it has help us survive the reduction in pay and the loss of benefits. I had to reapply after 6 months and Matias no longer qualifies for the insurance. What is confusing is we make less money now than when we first applied, so has the county already put into place new income restrictions to deal with their budget crisis? Who knows, I do know that it will work out in the end and that stressing about it makes it more stressful.

But, this is what is so sad about our county and its health care system. Not that its cost are out of control or that we have to worry about our children and their health. No it is that we are not able to give people options to help them in times of need. I feel like a little bit as a failure as a parent because of the fact that I can't provide this for my son. The only place to get help for it is not able to help, so what are our options....

Ok enough. with. the depressing. How about a kid in a bear suit....Too much cuteness!

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