Tuesday, May 5, 2009

working on it

Things are settling down around here. The porch is getting finished, I am planning our veggie garden and library. I am so excited to growing some of our own veggies. And having a space to study. How did these plans come about you ask? Don't you all have a 5 week old baby? Why yes we do and who told you we have plans around this house.

Anyhow this post is to say that we are well and working like busy bees. I plan on posting some pictures of milli as soon as, I get to the desktop vs the laptop. But alas the desktop moved to the basement and it is still chilly down there. But right now I am enjoying a sweet baby sleeping in my lap and dreaming up home plans and making plans for the summer, both upcoming post for this little log of our lives.

Until that day adios and happy cinco de mayo

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