Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You have a camera?

My Favorite shots from the last few weeks! The Vega's - picture taker

Yes, I will sit and hold up my head all on my own and you can not stop me people -Mili's inner dialog

2 month cuteness of the Milster

More please? Ok.

Comparison shot Matias 2 months!
Today, it is still raining here. REALLY?!?!?! Tomorrow has promises of sun and I am so ready for it. Yesterday Abby and I rocked a spin class and I am so sore. But all in all it felt really good to work that hard. The music was good and a good way to judge how hard I was pushing myself. Abby commented that the cheesier the song, the better I knew it. But I can't help that I am drawn to Ashley Simpson's music...Until next time.

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