Friday, June 5, 2009

Moving up and on

Hello, Neglected blog!

We have been busy. Last week at this time we were fighting 93 degrees and 60 percent humidity all that SC. Today we are experience a day that only MN can offer 70 and perfect. Although that rain can come any day now to overly dried out lawn.

The best thing about life right now is the fact that it is slow and easy. Enjoying time with child 1 and 2 are truly the best thing that life or money could offer at the moment. I love watching Matias and Miss Milli interact. Matias loves giving kisses and letting me know when Milli is crying followed by "Coming sister coming" (Insert heart melting here). Or when Matias is playing and asks "pizza mama?" Sure bud I will take pizza. Talking seems to be the development task getting the most attention. With three word sentences coming out. Which is exciting. Some Spanish is getting mixed in and that is really exciting. I am so jealous that my children will grow up bi-lingual. What a gift for them, I am sure they will NOT see it that way. Often wondering why their parents forced them to learn two languages. (Lammi's Finnish lessons come to mind or Greek School anyone?)

I will be posting pictures soon of the wedding an a little letter to milli for her 2 month birthday.

Unitl then...smiles

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