Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Milli's Live Long and Prosper toes @ 10 days

I am a nerd! But I make cute babies with my husband. (Would that not be the best bumper sticker evah!)

My field instructor just emailed me and was so excited! I start school in about a month and my insides are about to burst with excitement!!! (there are also bursting from the loans that I just took out as well)

Meanwhile we try to soak in summer just as much and as fast as we can, parties are coming up the next two weekends. Where we will celebrate marriages and babies. Then a little camping is in order and finally just a sit and relax kinda weekend.

Some things I want to do: (If you are on this list watch out for an email coming to your inbox soon)

1. Make some jam
2. Have a dinner party.
3. Camping with the family
4. Christine! I must see you soon!
5. Farmers Market
6. Baby food
7. Laptop (new one)
8. Katy sonterre...
9. Freeze some meals
10. Set up office area!


Christine said...

I was hoping I'd make the list!

Point Break party!

Melissa [IS•LY] said...

Those baby feet are so precious.