Friday, December 18, 2009

8 months

Miss Milli has been 8 months for about a whole month now, but she is wild. Today she was sitting in the cart at Target pulling herself up...she fell because she was trying to pull herself on the tv cabinet and got a black eye.
But here that is neither here nor now. she is spunky and cutting two top teeth what more could a mother ask for. (A full night of sleep?)
She also is a very fashionable as of late this outfit is made up of her brother's hand me downs. When she looked at me questionably...I added a bow. She kept that bow on the whole day. What a lady.

In other news. I just received my first grade back from school and my hard class 3.5! Sweet, I will take it.

Stay turned for a handmade Christmas I have been a busy crafter at this house.

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