Thursday, June 28, 2007

Do you still like a person that wakes you up at 2am and 5am?

As Matias grows so does his need for attention. Now I know I should take it all in, because when he is 13 he will no longer want to give me kisses (licking my face as it stands now). But at 2 o'clock in the morning all I want to do it sleep. But sometimes he is just to dang cute to ignore. this morning was a early one...5 o'clock to be exact, but I woke up and had fun with Matias. We also discovered that he looks a lot like his dad while sleeping (I will spare you the hairy arm pit photos of my husband). I never thought at 24 that I would have any reason to get up at 5 am or 2 am in the same night. But this crazy little person seems to have drawn out the early bird that I am...motherhood is the strangest adventure I have ever been on.

Well I thought I might update about the things that Matias is enjoying lately,

1. Eating toast (check out the toast song on Utube and picture above)
2. Going to swimming class....went underwater with no problem
3. Watching Telanovella's (Mexican soap opera's) with his grandma right now....Luis's name is from a character on a novella...but that is an entirely different story.
4. Sleeping with his butt up in the air (someone is getting ready to crawl...crap)

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