Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Taco House and Casa Bontia

Once a week other mom friend and I head over to Boca Chica's Taco House with our babies. Last night was especially fun. Leo, Ellen son has started to crawl, not that it is unusual. But in their house they have hardwood so Leo in his baby genius crawls with one leg up. His Dad calls it his gangster crawl. :) So funny!

The second random thought is about Casa Bontia, a South Park Episode that Ellen was telling me about. It is about this restaurant called Casa Bontia and Eric has his birthday party there and does not invite Cartman. Anyways, Ellen told me she listen to the commentary and found out it was a real place! Well as she was describing it to me, a vague memory enter my mind. I had been there!!! New Wine trip, check out the link here http://www.casabonitadenver.com/ I think I even had cheese something or rather and sat in an orange booth. Then I took pictures out side next to the gaudy fountain! Wow…Might have been the best night of my JR year.

Of course their website does not present the Mexican Disney land splendor that is casa bontia...complete with a high dive show....what? (Ps I wish I was smart enough to know how to put you tube on my blog)

Required Baby picture:


christinesfakeblog said...

Hi! Has the bloguletter made you famous yet?

On the youtube page, there's a box below, or next to, the word "embed." Just copy the text inside that box and paste it into your post, and you're done! If you have two tabs to choose from when posting (like "html" or "visual" or something, you need to paste it on the html tab).

Come over to my house, will you?

Vega's said...

No so much you are my faithful reader...

Vega's said...

oh yes i will come over