Thursday, July 26, 2007

End of an Era

I finished it....

Harry Potter is done after almost 7 nights of up til 2am! I won't give any details away however, I will say. Goodbye Harry!

I have been thinking about Matias when he gets older what will he like what won't he? So strange....I know him but I don' zen of me.

If anything I hope he loves to read!

I order some fabric for him for a bigger blanket so his feet our no longer are covered by his old one. i will have to work fast, to make it happen so he has a blanket to use if he keeps growing at this rate. He has been sleeping on his knees so much I think he is going to rocket away at any second.

Also a big big congrats to my husband, who pulled off his first catered party! If you need someone call us! He made flan that litteraly looked like a story book...too bad I hate flan :)
Now if only he could cook for his wife like that, life would be perfect. I presented him with his very own chef jacket :)

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