Monday, July 16, 2007


If anyone knows me well, they know that I, like the rest of world loves Harry. By Harry I mean Harry Potter. For the last book the media circus that surrounds my beloved friend, is so out of control. I mean we need to have a story in the paper everyday....Do we need to hear about the girl who got a Harry Potter tattoo before she went to see the movie on WCCO....
(By the way Luis said no to me getting a hp tattoo....)

Personally, it is hard for me because I feel like the books are so personal. As you sit and read them JK Rowling's ability to make you feel like one of the gang is unsurpassed. Maybe that is why I am mad about the media attention. I feel like I am fighting for the popularity of Harry. It is really sad when you think about it that i am jealous of the millions of other readers out there.

When Matias is older I sure hope that he will enjoy HP as much as I have. For some of us Harry met us as teenagers and followed us all the way through marriage and a baby! I may not be the ultimate fan but I am looking forward to midnight Fri. When I join a collection of different people from all over the world to find out Harry's fate. I am getting heart hurts thinking about it :)

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christinesfakeblog said...

I'm happy to serve you by being someone who has not even attempted to steal Harry attention from you.

I hope he doesn't get killed off, for your sake!