Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth day! I have been gone for awhile.Starting a new job where I have to look fancy everyday is proving to be a hassle! Not to mention being mommy, nurse, driver, navigator, bridesmaid, fundraiser organizer, bible study participant... Leaving no time for blogging. Or reading blogs. However here I am. How I missed you little blog. AND all of my favorite blogs at that.
So here are pictures from the my very lovely friend and beautiful new member of the OMLC (Old Married Ladies Club) Andrea. We had a great time out in WI and had fun visiting with friends, drinking vodka tonics.

Walking down the alie looking picute perfect!

Matias and I check out the bride....oh my hair looks really cute too!

I hope all are well! Back being the nurse, matias just puked....

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