Friday, May 9, 2008 choices

Do you remember back in February when I wrote that I was going vegan. Well if you don't it is not a big deal, but really the main point of the post was I needed to change some of the habits in my life. Because the idea of going down the path to obesity seemed to becoming more and more eminent. Well I only lasted two weeks as a "vegan" but I have been making some other "life style choices" (barf). Recently I picked up a workout tape, called turbojam. (Yes, I bought it from an informerical). Here is the thing...I really like it.

It is high energy and fun and it has a little timer on the bottom of the screen so I can make bets with myself. I can do it at home after Matias is in bed and that is two great for words! So here is to baby steps on a road to a healthy life :)

P.S. How can you not want to work out at a person who looks like this? (and calls herself a getto soccer mom)

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