Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy M-day!

hAPPY Mother's Day and Monday!
I have to say what a great day mother's day is, it is like a 2nd birthday. That is what having a Christmas birthday will do that to you :) Luis had a special surprise waiting for me when Matias and I got home yesterday from my parents. Flowers and tennis racket! Sweet! I was not expecting anything at all so I was blow away by his thoughtfulness. He also got me a great card.
(Side Story)
Slang in MN is real sweet, we say WOW. Have you noticed? People from MN of course have no idea they are saying wow, but they do. My college dorm mates who were mostly from WI pick up on that fact and our floor name became House OH WOW. Luis has now pick up on that fact and says wow as often as he can. He has also taught Matias to say it. Very cute.
So the card features the little dudes from Hallmark, and you open it and it says " M-O-M! Forward Mom, Backwards Mom...Upside down WOW!"
I was still opening it and laughing this morning at it. That makes for a good Monday!

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