Tuesday, August 26, 2008

4 months until 2!

1 Year ago today~Nice hair larry :)

Reading in from the Design Mom blog the guest blogger got my brain a-thumping! She said that when her son turned 3 they threw him a birthday parade. Just told neighbors to bring strollers ect. and threw balloons on everything had a parade. How cool is that! and smart!

Matias is turning 2 in 4 short months! First. (sob) Second, we are really working hard on finances getting out debt and saving money. So we really need to be frugal with the party. Things that Matias likes:





Dancing-most potential a dance party with cake and ice cream?!

Overall things are well and going along. We are doing gearing up to head back to ECFE and cooler weather. Hopefully surving the RNC, so close to our house? My Dad is working security so he will be around all next week and I have lots of projects for him to help with the house ;)

For a slightly amusing story about protesters at the DNC check out Bob Collions post! (Whom is the funniest and smartest news authority evah!) and this link took about 20 minutes to locate!

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