Friday, August 22, 2008

The Great MN Get Whatever

In my former life I was a 4-H'er. My favorite thing about being in 4-h was the three days that I lived at the MN State Fair. We slept there, showed our projects and ate there. The cafeteria was disgusting, so who was I to argue about eating fair food to live on for 3 whole days!

I really want to share my love of the state fair with Matias, but It really seems like a horrible place to bring a toddler. I know countless families go, but it just seems hot and a lot of money. Would Matias even understand that you can get all the milk you want for odd change or a woman's head craved in butter. A picture of Elvis made with seeds, I doubt it. So we shall skip the state fair this year and maybe for about 10 more. Which really makes me miss my corn dog from the stand by the fine art building :(

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