Monday, August 11, 2008

Hello World!

Matias tries out one of his nation costumes for the Olympics!

Hi Monday!
We have been busy watching the Olympics, organizing cupboards, changing habits, and having some goofy fun!

A less busy week ahead of us, which will be marked with my Dad staying with us Tomorrow and Wed nights. Free babysitting! Sweet! and his company ;)
Taking it easy this weekend helped me out with catching up on sleep and feeling refreshed. Not to mention all the QT I spent with Luis and Matias. I love those weekends. Just updated my 101 list and I have 3 things completed! Sweet!

Today got the book club book from the library and I will be finishing it by Thurs. My reading has puttered out when I finishing breaking dawn at the end of last week. I was the same way after Harry Potter was over. Nothing could be as quite as good as it for a moment. But I had read some crappy books before breaking dawn so it will be nice to have something interesting and good to read!

Back to posting this week!
Take Care!!!!

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