Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh Baby

So I am at the 29 week to go mark. Only 11ish more weeks. so i will summarize how baby2 is doing and what she is doing

  • This baby finds the most uncomfortable spots to take a snooze, she will be moving and then stop in a rib or a hip or at the top of my stomach...

  • She loves a good family hug

  • She loves it when her dad talks to her

  • The ultrasound is her stage

Ok on to the other child in the house

  • The world is his stage, everything is a microphone

  • He like to read to his tigers

  • Left his bear at church this past Sun. and trauma ensued last night, only to find out that the "bear" was in the diaper bag the whole night
  • Now that he is over his cold, is a much nicer happier toddler to be around

On to the man of the house

  • Is doing an awesome job of keeping the house clean!
  • Makes me laugh
  • Is doing awesome at school
  • Has stolen my ipod and reclaimed as his own

On to me

  • Hate the fact that my COBRA coverage changes every month and then I have to deal with the county
  • Feeling happy that crossed off one other thing on my 101 things (Social Work school applied to!)
  • Hoping I get into school
  • Sewing a top for the baby so it will be done when she is two...I kid I kid (because that is not in line with my resolutions :))

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Ellen, Eric and Leo said...

I hope you guys are all feeling well and I will call you friday to confirm babysitting saturday. hugs...