Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Last night I was up from 3-5am and I was going to get up at 5 if I was still awake, but then sleep over took me and I was passed out until the final moments of depature. Mostly I was awake due to lots of "worries" I am not sure if worries is the right word but I have not a clue of the right word to use.

So here is what was keeping me up.

Dog Sledding -The John Beargrease is being run right now. As I explained to Luis what this sport was and why I liked it. He was very confused and kept asking...what with dogs? Why was that keeping me up? I have no clue, except for the vivid memories I have watching the starts with my parents, seeing the weird trucks they use to carry all of their pups around and barking...lots of barking.

Ice skating Rinks - Once again that woman Amanda Soule, got into my head with their families homemade ice skating rink... Seriously check out this link, you will want to instantly have your own ice skating rink in your back yard.

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