Thursday, January 29, 2009

WhatsforDinner? Meal Planning 101

*Sorry to post this on the blog but I needed a reference point

Downfall of life is not planning. I am not really talking about huge issues, but where food is corncerned, downfall.

These our my biggest problems/solutions:

  • Problem:Not a great cook with out recipe Soultion: Cook from Recipies

  • Problem: Get to the store and feel overwhelmed. Soultion:Make a List

  • Problem: Don't know what to make for dinner Soultion:Meal Plan

  • Waste-throwing away food Soultion: Meal Plan

Action Steps

1. Download Weekly Planner

2. Look at Ads on Sun or on the web and check out what is on sale.

3. Pickout recpies

4. Make a grocery list-(I think to save money we can store hop, we live in West Saint Paul where Rainbow, SuperTarget, and Cub are all walking distance from other)

5. Check out cupon sites

Free Coupon

Coupon Mon

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