Thursday, September 3, 2009


Have 200 pages of reading to do before Sept 11th the first day of classes...(insert mild heart attack)

Not to mention sleeping in our house lately is weird, so weird. Last night Matias had a pretty bad bout with food poisoning. He was barfing between 8:30 and 2am. The glamorous joys of being a mom. So I slept downstairs with Milli in our room and Luis up with Matias. Five hundred loads of laundry later, I think Matias is feeling better. Both kids are taking a long nap right now which I can not complain one bit about!

On the bright side we learned some important tips. Save your baby bathtub from the hospital makes an awesome emergency barf bucket. Matias always is a good kid even, when he is sick. He was uncomfortable yet oddly happy, during the whole ordeal. Most important tip, Lilo and Stitch solves everything for a 2.5 year old who is sick in the night! I was also really proud of how both Luis and I handled the situation. Let's face it this is the part of parenting that makes the flight or fight response come out. Oddly Luis and I always do well in these higher stake situations, the dishes is a whole other story...

Oh and the reading....well hopefully I get my books from amazon soon....
I have a few things to finish up in the house over the weekend, curtains int he dining room 1st and foremost! Cleaning the storage closet which I always seem to be cleaning. Making 1 more trip to goodwill and organizing cupboards. I really want to start next week with a clean house and fresh start. My plan is to use the blog to get me a writing mood in order to write papers so I hope to keep this up as school starts. Until then!

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