Monday, September 14, 2009

things start to sprial

Hello Monday.

I have been waiting for you all weekend. This past weekend marked the first weekend of classes and it was a little crazy. I was so glad that I was not the only person who walked out of Sat. morning class shitting my pants. But I made it though. Actually, it was exciting because everyone really wanted to be there and to experience the experience. I am excited that it is all about something I want to learn and more importantly, going to my intership. I already really like it there. I practicing really hard listening and observing and not to share to many personal issues. Because where I am at know I can tend to do to much of that.

I really missed the kids last week, it was hard to say goodbye every morning and not be there and know that I would not be home until much later then normal. Matias watched the new PBS kids show dinosaur train with all of his dinosaurs lined up in front of the Tv. Milli tried rice cereal with little success. (a resulting trip to urgent care as a matter of fact) She is fine and enjoyed the ceral, but we are still over to the allergist this week to make sure she is ok.

We also attended a wedding that was very dear to my heart, even though I missed the vows due to school, still Luis took some lovely pictures. Ellen and Eric said I do on Sept the 12th and we are so happy for them and Leo. Also check out the picture, that is her amazing backyard garden!!! How can I even compete :) Well I am off to write a paper all about me and my crazy family.

P.S. I lost 4 pounds on w.w. last week!!!

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